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Our Nursing Services

Our field team of nursing specialists will serve your needs in your home. You will see the same nurse and home health assistant each visit.

Adult and Geriatric Care
To help elderly patients remain in their homes, our team of nursing specialists can provide all home care services to older adults, with special attention to the needs and concerns of the medically frail.

Cardiac Care
Our team provides one-on-one teaching to those with congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as those who have had heart attacks or surgery or who require intravenous medications, such as heparin therapy. The goal is to avoid hospitalization by helping cardiac patients and their caregivers manage medications, diet and other aspects of treatment.

Ostomy, Wound Care and Continence Management
Patients and families can call our field team for training and assistance in tasks such as changing ostomy bags, dressing wounds and performing self-catheterization. Our registered nurses with advanced certification have knowledge of the latest treatments and products and are available to consult with patients and their physicians.

Diabetes Management
Our registered nurses trained in diabetes education will monitor patients’ health and help them and their families manage diabetes.