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About Us

The mission of Phoenix Home Health Agency is to serve as an advocate for our clients by assisting them to achieve a higher quality of living in the home environment.

We have been Medicare certified since 2008.

  • Our staff consists of RN Case Managers, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Home Health Aides and office personnel that are dedicated to serving your home health needs.
  • We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • We are contracted with over 300 therapists in the Oklahoma City metro area.
  • We have nurses on-call 24/7 to assist you when you have an urgent health care concern and want professional advice.
  • Our RN Case Managers get to know you and your family personally and work closely with you to help you achieve your health care goals.
  • Our Primary Care Nurses visit you weekly to provide a comprehensive assessment and education on your health care needs.
  • Our Certified Home Health Aides make a wonderful difference in your comfort by assisting you at home with personal tasks and needs.
  • We work with you, your caregivers, your physicians and others to insure the best outcome for your health.
  • We provide care in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age or disability.

To receive our services, please request that your hospital case manager or physician contact Phoenix Home Health Agency.